March 29, 2012

I Choose…
I choose what I want to make space for in my life.
I choose:
love over hate
hope over despair
good over evil
courage over fear
joy over sorrow
trust over doubt
intuition over logic
being human over perfection
Before I came down to earth,
I chose the destiny that was to be,
And now when I’m faced with this destiny,
I choose what I want to make space for in my mind
in my heart
in my life……


I am

I am the widest ocean; I am the narrowest mountain pass

I am the brightest sun; I am the darkest black hole

I am the tallest mountain, I am the deepest valley

I am the largest universe; I am the smallest point

I am the hottest volcano, I am the coolest spring

I am a gentle mother; I am a violent monster

I am the softest petal; I am the hardest rock

I am the wettest kiss; I am the driest desert

I am a caressing breeze, I am a gusty wind

I am a child’s giggle; I am a woman’s cry

I am a tranquil lake; I am a surging sea

I just am,


May 26, 2011


starsDazzling like diamonds on a black velvet sky
A celestial phenomenon way up so high
So distant, so different, in the vast space above
So magical, so wondrous, stirring feelings of love
So silent yet so willing, to share your secret
With anyone that makes an effort to connect
What mysteries you hold, what secrets untold
You have arranged yourselves in patterns
That have stayed consistent though time has rolled
You have guided mankind
Since the time he developed his mind
You’ve guided a traveler you’ve guided a saint
You’ve guided a farmer and inspired an artist to paint
I beseech you in all humility
O stars, guide me to my true destiny
So grateful am I to behold you as I look up
You reveal yourselves
Through all the impurities that man throws up
You are so kind as to bestow upon me a sight so rare
When I look up, I witness the marvel of a Shooting Star!!
Nirupama Rao
 March 29, 2013